Sacred, sensual, healthy, ancient, tantric rituals and massages. Tantric yoga and meditation. Work with sexual energy as the tool of knowledge itself.


First mention of Tantrism dates back to 5000 years B.C. and comes from India. Original Tantra was created to heal the body and the mind. Part of this ancient methods of tantric ritual were also meditations, yoga, energy cleansing, chakra synchronization and other techniques that were created to achieve bliss. I personally work with this ancient tantric ritual as a part of the temple secret. Nowadays in our modern era Tantra focuses on erotic energy of massage and its goal is not to reach orgasm but to experience pleasant moments a relaxation.

During tantric massage energy rises and spreads through the body. This energy is controlled on different levels depending on the type and lenght of the massage therapy. Our organism is energized. The person that receives the massage gets instructions how to breath regularly, move head and relieve relaxing sounds. The level of relaxation is very important because relaxation effects intensity of energy flow in the body. Massage of intimate parts includes special set of touches from very soft to more energetic.

Tantra is good for people of all ages, men as well women and is very popular in pairs – both heterosexual and homosexual. During the massage therapy the masseur approaches the procedure with great care and carefullly works with different parts of the body using various techniques.

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