Goddess of touch pleasures and massages

When the angel of sexuality touches your mind and the goddess of touch sooths your body, a door opens to a world of exceptional sensual experience and unforgettable feelings.

There is nothing static in the universe, neither I nor your desires and needs. Everything develops dynamically and creates a unique combination of time, feelings, emotions and memories in one moment.

Affectionate, a lover and friend for those who would like to share with me moments of sensuality. You will meet a woman who is active, skilful, well-mannered, highly educated and a good conversationalist.

I enjoy being a companion and sharing mutual trust, affection and respect with the man I date. I‘m very well educated and a globetrotter in the best age for a woman.

My innate talent for tenderness, care, eroticism and sensuality is what I put to my work. So I know exactly what I like and every moment of my life I do exactly what I want.

I always look at your dreams, desires and needs comprehensively.

My goal is not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them.

I wish that as many of my clients as possible go through an exceptional experience. I want to inspire you to have unusual aspirations, share with you my own experience and my company.

I realize that I can only grow when the fulfilment of my clients’ wishes and dreams and the constant development of your imagination and needs will grow.

Follow your desires, because when desire dies, fear is born.

Your Exclusive meeting options

Create YOUR OWN experience
Treat yourself - you deserve it!

You can read about the details on this page and then build and order your tailored experience on the Order page.

  • Wellness, Fantasy and secret experiences of lovers
    Incall 990€ / 3 hours
    Elite high-class meeting. Calm and relax meeting, enriched with extraordinary sensual and sexual moments. Welcome to my luxury apartment - located in the city centre. You can enjoy sauna, wide a range of massages, a cup of tea or coffee, champagne, refreshments, fresh juice, wide a range of sexual experience and fantasy. Here you can enjoy with me intimate atmosphere far from your real life. Your paradise is here. A luxurious and unique sensual treatment include comprehensive sexual and sensual care. INCLUDED: champange, all refreshment, comprehentive sexaul and sensual care.
  • Chillax and pampering
    Incall 650€ / 2 hours, Outcall 750€ / 2 hours
    This meeting is ideal if you feel follows: Your mind need to relax, your body needs sexual experience, your senses need a refresh and you need woman company. Calm and relaxed atmosphere, enriched of smell, relaxing massage, conversation, sexual experience and A glass of champagne. Rare cocktail for your senses.
  • chillax and champagne
    Incall 500€ / 90 min, Oucall 600€/ 90 min
    If you like a high level of the meeting, you have more time for own relax, but your schedule is not empty. Is ideal 90 min chillax sexual experience. Calm and relax, a glass of champagne, company of pretty woman, a sensual moment with touch of passion.Chillax sex offer slow, non-rush sexual experience. Is for man who likes to enjoy woman body, woman companion, likes pampering and touching but take sex as relaxing. Man who consider sex to be an excellent relaxation and enjoy a pleasant time.The meeting flows in an intimate atmosphere, which is enriched with pleasant music, slow lovemaking, converging, a glass of champagne.
  • Exclusive meeting
    Incall 550€/1 hour, €800/90min, 2 hours/1000 eur, Outcall 650€ /1 hour, €900/90 min, 2 hours 1100 eur
    You don't want to limit your experience? This exclusive meeting is tailored to you. All experiences are included. Like a real gentleman, you do not want to humiliate yourself with questions about services. You can enjoy a wide range of sexual and sensual practice as is anal, rimming, tea begin, prostate massage, spatial lovemaking ( for example: sauna, kitchenette, table, shower, floor, bathroom), GFE and PSE, facesitting, 69, COB, CIM, massages.
  • Goddess of touch pleasures and massages
    70 min incall 300 eur/ outcall 450 eur, 90 min incall 450 eur/ outcall 550 eur, 2 hours incall 550 eur/ outcall 650 eur, 3 hours incall 750 eur/ outcall 850 eur
    Goddess of touch treatment stimulates the sensual points, the sexual flow od the life force. The treatment uses the combination of special massage and activates deep sexual feeling. It is the creation of your sexual and sensual experiences that are based on an aspect. It is based on your momentary feeling and your body, who we together develop. (included SEXUAL ADULT CARE, rituals, massage, sexual body stimulation)

Let's build your custom experience

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