When the angel of sexuality touches your mind and the goddess of touch soothes your body, a door opens to a world of exceptional sensual experience and unforgettable feelings.

Highly recommended for lovers of oral sexual practice and pleasure and mutual oral.

Lingam as a sexual organ is the strongest reflex zone on the body. Proper stimulation of the lingam increases the energy of the body. Unique massage and stimulation techniques performed by hands, mouth, tongue correctly and systemically activate sexual energy.
The sexual impulse created by the oral techniques of lingam is extremely strong. It often overcomes the intensity of sexual intercourse and is very beneficial to the organs.
➯ Your senses are heightened with tongue stimulation of lingam.
➯ Sexual reflexology of lingam with hands.
➯ Lingam massage with warm oil for deep feeling.
➯ Oral stimulation of lingam and whole sexual organ.
➯ Gentle kissing of erotogenic points around the lingam.
➯ 1 hour intense sexual feeling with control of orgasm.
➯ Deep whole-body orgasm.
➯ Mutual oral stimulations (69)