FINLAND TOUR 6.5.-24.5.2019

Dear clients and friends,

thank you very much for your trust, is me always pleasure spend time with you, share unique moments, create for you new offers and give rare experience. I appreciate every moment with you.

I will visit these cities in Finland:

TAMPERE 6.5.-10.5.2019  for 5 days

HELSINKI 12.5.-17.5.2019 for 6 days

TURKU 19.5.-24.5.2019 for 6 days

Booking is open by email

The Finnish number only works during my stay in Finland, so please use  for booking number +421 948470593, thank you.

Individual courses and online consultations are also available during the tour.

News, photos, videos,  information you can follow on my  instagram goddessoftouch (Slavka-Laura Goddessoftouch)