Dear client,
many of us know my work as coach for sensory, personal and sexual power and my website www.elitesensualist.com.
I prepared for you new concept the development your sexual life and skills.
I have seen men lifted up from frustration, of the daily sexual routine, from despair to find woman for relationship and love.
As a coach, I meet these situations and the story daily.

In-depth information you can to find here:  https://elitesensualist.com/experienced-lover-coaching/ 

A woman‘s image of a perfect lover is completely different from that of a man.

Every man can become an Experienced Lover, so I created this course and coaching for you.

  • I will teach you how to create your “unique sexual circle”
  • We’ll create your sexual charisma.
  • I will reveal to you the secret of women’s desires.
  • I will teach you how to stir up passion in a woman and conquer her.
  • I will teach you touch techniques and how to care for the female body.
  • I will reveal to you how to impress a woman and invite her on a date.
  • How to communicate properly with a woman to gain her interest.
  • What a suitable gift for a woman is.
  • The most common mistakes men make as lovers.
  • We’ll build your unique sexual code.

Course and coaching content and details.

Because I know that each of us is special, this course is individual and I will tailor its content for you.

The price is based on individual needs and course content. It is a pleasure to meet you personally and be your teacher and guide in the world of love and sexuality.

online course
intensive face to face course

Price for course in person ( currently FINLAND – HELSINKI) or through Skype,

  •   ( 3 x 120 min) 990 eur
  • ( 6 x 120 min) 1690 eur

VIP cooperation – coaching Would you like having your own year-long coach for emotions, love, sexual development coach, relationships? You have the opportunity to conclude with me a year, a half-year and a month cooperation according to your needs, intent and time.

This offer is mainly used by people with a very strong feeling and desire for emotional growth and stabilization, people who want to be better in love, sex, relationships. People who would like to develop self personal and sexual power. This offer is too for people to are finding a partner, lover.

  • One year V.I.P. client 12 890 Euro
  • Half-year V.I.P. client 8 790 Euro
  • One month V.I.P. client 2 690 Euro

Detailed information about the Experienced Lover course and coaching will be provided by email: laura@elitesensualist.com