Exclusive meeting

Exclusive holiday and adventure is only for a tiny group of men who can afford special conditions for our meeting. This is for men who develop personal prestige and exclusive life standard.

Exclusive holiday is mixtures the best of best of my portfolio and reflects my desire for a long-term delivery of the best and most unique experiences.

Everything needs time, and long meeting with me is the best way how your wishes come to true excellently.

Affectionate, a lover and friend for those who would like to share with me moments of sensuality. You will meet a woman who is active, skilful, well-mannered, highly educated and a good conversationalist. I enjoy being a companion and sharing mutual trust, affection and respect with the man I date. I‘m very well educated and a globetrotter in the best age for a woman. My innate talent for tenderness, care, eroticism and sensuality is what I put to my work. So I know exactly what I like and every moment of my life I do exactly what I want.


Flights over 4 hours each way must be business or first class, and 4 or 5-star accommodation is expected.

In an effort to maintain some mystery, hight discretion, protect your personality and keep hight standard of our meeting (and not expose you to my rituals) I require a room to myself (can be hotel room, a suite or villa) I would like be always fresh and ready to wherever the mood may take us.
Both, we need same yourself privacy.
I always give you a good night greeting and make for you sweet dreams, but we sleep separately.
You can freely make your business calls, relaxing, sleeping without observer. I m always nearby on hand for you.
These conditions make our holiday or adventure exclusive.

Your Exclusive meeting options

Create YOUR OWN experience
Treat yourself - you deserve it!

You can read about the details on this page and then build and order your tailored experience on the Order page.

  • Your suggestion
    custom offer
  • Cuba with me
    custom offer
  • Island SIMY
    custom offer

Let's build your custom experience

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